About Me


My name is Cree Clay. I am a first generation college student and recently graduated from Texas Tech University in 2016. I was a Psychology major with a minor in Chemistry. That being said, I absolutely love getting to know people for who they truly are and seeing things from other’s perspectives.

Fun facts about me I am a Naturalista, definitely a feminist and a Beyoncè fan, can’t exclude that part of course lol. You just might be an MD in the making, ha good one right?!

I will be a Second Year Medical Student (MS2) this Fall 2017 and I am excited to share my journey with you guys through this blog and my YouTube channel. Some of my hobbies include cosmetics, fashion and all things beauty (on a budget of course lol), reading, furthering my spirituality, photography, traveling and my newfound love of meditating. I am a strong believer in self love, self worth and self appreciation. I will constantly be sharing quotes and motivating mantras along the way. This blog will cover a wide range of topics, I’ll try my best to keep it all organized. Welcome to my world!!! And enjoy.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”